Since the release of Equilinox on November 23, 2018, there have been two updates to the game.

Update 1.1.0Edit

Update 1.1


  • The suitability of a habitat is now shown when placing wildlife into the world.
  • There's a new toolbar option to delete many objects at once.
  • Objects also have a "Remove Many..." option in their "Actions Tab", which allows you to delete many of that specific species.
  • A few more colour options for the early game species have been added (more colours for other species coming soon).

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug where some people were unable to select anything in the world.
  • Fixed another movement related crash.
  • Deleting an object in the world now has effect instantly.
  • Beavers are better at finding water in their habitat.
  • Fish should be chased out of the water much less than before.


  • The altitude environmental factor is now a bit more lenient.
  • Day-time sky colour has been changed slightly.

Update 1.2.0Edit

New Features

  • Camels! This animal lives in the desert biome and will sometimes spit at other nearby animals.
  • Coral and shells have been added for the water biomes.
  • There's one new task to do with the camels spitting.
  • You can go into super slow-mo mode by holding space, which makes it easier to click on fast moving animals (and also looks pretty cool).


  • Wolves and Foxes now have customizable colours.
  • Lilies and Roses can now also live in the lush biome.
  • Lilies have a pacifying effect on bees.
  • Slightly tweaked possible mutation colours.
  • Autosaves won't happen quite as often.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue with plants sometimes being instantly fully-grown when placed.
  • Palm trees now show their colour trait correctly.
  • The mouseover test for entity pop-ups was a bit wrong sometimes and has now been fixed.