History of Equilinox Modding Edit

From the getgo, Equilinox' sandbox-style gameplay seemed like a perfect fit for expansion by mods. From new species to completely changed gameplay, modding Equilinox caused a very active modding community to spring up around the time the game was launched in November of 2018. The most notable and known are the Equilinox Mod Kit Project, Equilimod and the Equilinox Modding Framework. Multiple lesser-known frameworks can be found on GitHub for example.

Currently, the Equilinox Mod Kit Project seems to be the only framework that is being maintained somewhat actively. Many other frameworks have not been updated since late 2018 or early 2019.

Modding Frameworks Edit

One of the earliest modding frameworks, being worked on since late 2017, was the Equilinox Mod Kit Project. Changing its name multiple times as additions were made to the ecosystem, this project was formerly only known as Equilinox Mod Kit and Equilinox Modding Project. It was started by DesertCookie, but the team has since grown, while most of the later members are inactive or have jumped off the project entirely. A public beta started in December of 2018 and a total of six pre-release versions have since been published on the project's Discord server. The Equilinox Mod Kit Project, or EMKP for short, is open source has two GitHub repositories available: One is the modding API for modders, the Equilinox Mod Kit (EMK); the other is the mod loader for end-users that enables modding in Equilinox, called the Equilinox Mod Loader (EML). It is written in the same language as Equilinox, which is Java.

Another popular framework is Equilimod by prc3w. It is regarded as one of the easier to use frameworks, as it uses scripting via JavaScript. With an excellent wiki and examples, Equilimod is the framework to start with, if one has no knowledge of programming. On the projects' Discord server, snapshot-releases have been available since January of 2019. Sadly, Equilimod is not open source, though prc3w stated, he was thinking of making it open source in the future.

Similarly to the Equilinox Mod Kit Project, the Equilinox Modding Framework by Sejoslaw allows mods to be written in Java. This project has no official Discord server or website, and the GitHub repository hasn't been updated since December of 2018, meaning, information hard to come by.

Popularity of different Modding Frameworks: Edit

Modding Framework Discord GitHub
Equilinox Mod Kit Project 143 12
Equilimod 94 13
Equilinox Modding Framework - 2

as of 10.09.2019

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