Task Description
Watching Grass Grow Grow 1 grass tuft.
Flower Power Grow 6 grass tufts and 3 daisies.
My First Tree Grow and satisfy 1 oak tree.
More Grass Have 50 grass tufts.
Sheepish Have 3 satisfied sheep.
Wheat Breeder Have 3 wheat.
Genetic Modification Have 3 light blue daisies. (Evolve them)
Chicken Farm Have 3 satisfied chickens.
This is Boar-ing Have 6 satisfied wild boars.
Under the Sea Have 10 seaweed.
Gone Fishing Have 4 trout, 4 redfish, 4 kelp and 4 water lilies.
Diversify Evolve a buttercup and two other plants.
An Apple a Day Have a sheep eat an apple.
A Bird in the Hand Have 1 fully built and filled bird nest.
Totally Quackers Have 2 satisfied ducks.
Grassy Plains Have 3 red maple trees, 3 wobbly trees and 4 wild mint.
Merry Berry Have a sheep eat from a berry bush 5 times.
Deserted Have 4 small cacti, 4 prickly pears and 4 yuccas.
Woodland Biome Have 3 elm trees, 3 Sycamore trees and 4 oregano.
Rabbit Food Have a rabbit eat a carrot 10 times.
Forest Flora and Fauna Evolve 2 forest trees, heather, fern and sage.
Mountaineering Have a goat eat from a holly bush 20 times.
Totally Nuts! Have 3 nut trees and have a squirrel eat 50 nuts.
Oh Deer Have 3 satisfied deer.
The Tropics Have 18 flowery grass and 6 leafy plants.
Totally Coconuts Produce 50 coconuts.
Control a Sheep Make noise as a sheep.
Swamped Have 8 swamp grass and 8 red mushrooms.
Potato Potahto Have a wild boar eat a potato 10 times.
In the Jungle Have 20 jungle grass and 5 jungle plants.
Fox Hunting Have a fox hunt a chicken.
Cashing In Produce 500 DP per minute.
An Apple Every Day Produce 250 apples. (repeatable)
Completionist Complete all the other tasks.
24 Carrot Gold Have a rabbit eat 24 carrots with the gold color. (repeatable)
The Mighty Jungle Have 5 jungle flowers, 5 jungle trees and 5 jungle mushrooms.
Mushroom Mastery Evolve the tall mushroom, tropical mushroom, red mushroom and jungle mushroom.
Digging a Hole Have a wild boar eat a potato plant 10 times. (repeatable)
Wolf in Sheep's Clothing Have a wolf hunt a sheep 10 times.
Pigging Out Have a guinea pig eat 30 potatoes.
Tropical Waters Have 5 tropical seaweed and 7 clownfish.
A Turnip for the Books Have a warthog eat a turnip 20 times.
Beavering Away Have a beaver build a lodge.
Hungry Turtle Have a turtle eat a coconut 5 times and tropical seaweed 5 times.
Banana Farmer Produce 250 bananas.
Catching Butterflies Have 15 butterflies caught by frogs.
Flutter By Have 12 butterflies in the world.
Honey, I'm Home! Fill a hive with honey.
Lush! Have 10 Primroses in the world. Have 10 Lush Grass in the world. Have 4 Pink Trees in the world.
On your Pike Have a pike eat 10 trout. Have a pike eat 10 redfish.
Logger Rhythm Get some beavers to cut down 20 trees. (repeatable)
Hungry Fish Have a pike eat 5 trout, 5 redfish and 5 clown fish. (repeatable)
Butterfly Hunter Have 25 butterflies caught by frogs. (repeatable)
Honey Harvester Harvest honey from bee hives. (With bears or the action tab)

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