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Jungle trees in Equilinox.

A list of all the plants in Equilinox. Plants unlock as you progress throughout the game.

Plant Base Evolved From Price (DP) Tier Spread
Grass Tuft Yes N/A 100 1st Grassland
Daisy Yes N/A 140 1st Grassland
Wheat No Grass Tuft 215 2nd Grassland
Buttercup No Daisy 425 2nd Woodland
Seaweed Yes N/A 480 1st River Bed
Wild Mint No Grass Tuft 490 2nd Grassland
Tulip No Daisy 515 2nd Grassland
Button Mushroom Yes N/A 590 1st N/A
Oak Tree Yes N/A 600 1st N/A
Oregano No Grass Tuft 650 2nd Woodland
Rosemary Yes N/A 720 1st Forest
Kelp No Seaweed 950 2nd River Bed
Bluebell No Tulip 1024 3rd Snow
Water Lily No Seaweed 1100 2nd River Bed
Birch Tree Yes N/A 1260 1st N/A
Sage No Rosemary 1800 2nd Forest
Heather No Rosemary 2025 2nd Forest
Elm Tree No Oak Tree 2040 2nd Woodland
Tall Tree Yes N/A 2200 1st Forest
Red Maple Tree No Birch Tree 2900 2nd N/A
Sycamore Tree No Oak Tree 3400 2nd Woodland
Juniper Tree No Tall Tree 3460 2nd Forest
Apple Tree No Oak Tree 3500 2nd N/A
Fern No Rosemary 3570 2nd Forest
Pansies No Daisy 3800 2nd N/A
Yucca Yes N/A 4050 1st Desert
Tropical Mushroom No Button Mushroom 4500 2nd N/A
Cedar Tree No Tall Tree 4500 2nd Forest
Barley No Heather 4560 3rd N/A
Tropical Seaweed No Kelp 4790 3rd Tropical
Wobbly Tree No Birch Tree 4999 2nd N/A
Poppy No Buttercup 5200 3rd Woodland
Spruce Tree No Fir Tree 5300 2nd Snow
Lily No Pansies 5600 3rd N/A
Tomato Plant Yes N/A 5700 1st N/A
Snap Dragon No Buttercup 6600 3rd Woodland
Small Cactus No Yucca 6760 2nd Desert
Jungle Mushroom No Button Mushroom 6900 2nd N/A
Swamp Grass Yes N/A 7100 1st Swamp
Carrot No Wild Mint 7890 3rd N/A
Jungle Grass Yes N/A 8100 1st Jungle
Jungle Flower No Jungle Grass 8500 2nd Jungle
Potato Plant No Sage 8950 3rd Forest
Pickly Pear No Yucca 9300 2nd Desert
Red Mushroom No Button Mushroom 9400 2nd Swamp
Rose No Tulip 10000 3rd N/A
Turnip No Swamp Grass 12300 2nd N/A
Berry Bush No Tomato Plant 12505 2nd N/A
Lush Grass Yes N/A 12890 1st Lush
Tropical Flower No Flowery Grass 13600 2nd Tropical
Jungle Plant No Jungle Grass 13880 2nd Jungle
Sunflower No Poppy 14800 4th N/A
Fir Tree No N/A 16000 1st Snow
Holly Bush No Berry Bush 16500 3rd Snow
Leafy Plant No Flowery Grass 17250 2nd Tropical
Tall Mushroom No Red Mushroom 17400 3rd N/A
Willow Tree Yes N/A 18560 1st Swamp
Cactus No Small Cactus 18800 3rd Desert
Nut Tree No Sycamore Tree 18900 3rd N/A
Acer Tree No Cedar Tree 19700 3rd Forest
Flowery Grass Yes N/A 20000 1st Tropical
Desert Tree Yes N/A 20000 1st N/A
Ash Tree No Elm Tree 22050 3rd N/A
Primroses No Lush Grass 23000 2nd Lush
Vine Tree Yes N/A 25000 1st Jungle
Tropical Plant No Tropical Flower 26000 3rd Tropical
Palm Tree Yes N/A 26000 1st N/A
Blueberry Bush No Berry Bush 27000 3rd N/A
Bulrush No Swamp Grass 29300 2nd N/A
Slimy Tree No Willow Tree 30000 2nd Swamp
Red Tree No Pink Tree 31000 2nd Lush
Swamp Flower No Bulrush 31890 3rd Swamp
Ficus Tree No Vine Tree 32700 2nd Jungle
Pagoda Tree No Birch Tree 34240 2nd N/A
Bamboo No Primroses 34700 3rd Lush
Flower Tree No Palm Tree 36000 2nd N/A
Pink Tree Yes N/A 38060 1st Lush
Healbloom No Tropical Flower 40000 3rd N/A
Banana Tree No Palm Tree 44000 2nd N/A
Eucalyptus Tree No Red Maple Tree 45000 3rd N/A
Umbrella Tree No Desert Tree 47000 2nd N/A
Canopy Tree No Ficus Tree 47000 3rd N/A
Orange Tree No Flower Tree 55700 3rd N/A
Autumnal Tree No Wobbly Tree 65000 3rd N/A
Large Tree No Acer Tree 68000 4th N/A
Mango Tree No Flower Tree 71000 3rd N/A
Giant Cactus No Cactus 75000 4th Desert
Pine Tree No Spruce Tree 82300 3rd N/A
Witchwood Tree No Ficus Tree 95000 3rd N/A
Dead Tree No Swamp Tree 120000 3rd Swamp
Spiral Tree No Red Tree 140000 3rd N/A
Cherry Tree No Red Tree 140000 3rd Lush

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