The Grass Tuft is the first plant the player unlocks in Equilinox. It is a tier-one species and serves as a key foundation for spreading Biomes early in the game. It is also often eaten by herbivores such as sheep.

Description Edit

The grass tuft is a small plant that spreads the Grassland Biome. This quick-growing plant can survive in most areas and provides food for many small creatures. It grows best in low altitudes. Increasingthe Size Trait for this plant may be challenging.

Task(s) Edit

The earliest game tasks are associated with growing grass tufts:

  • You must grow one fully gown grass tuft in the task Watching Grass Grow.
  • GrassTuft

    The Plant Store icon for the Grass Tuft.

    You must have six fully grown grass tufts (and three fully grown daisies) in Flower Power.
  • You must have fifty grass tufts to unlock a few things in More Grass.
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