Genetic modification, task

The completed task

Genetic Modification is the seventh task you will play free. It helps the player getting accustomed to the evolution system by changing the colour of the daisies. The evolution system works the same for plants and animals.


When you select a plant in the world you can see its current traits in the "Traits" tab. When the plant breeds, these traits get passed on to its offspring (with slightly variation).

Clicking the "Selective Breed" option allows you to modify the traits that get passed on. Use this to create a new stylish blue version of the daisy flower!


  • Have 3 fully grown Light Blue Daisy in the world


  • Unlocks Brown Rock
  • Unlocks the "Wander" music track
  • 1.000 dp

Completing the taskEdit

  • Select one of your daisies (or plant a new one)
  • Go to the "Traits" tab (the one with the DNA string)
  • Check the "Selective Breed" at the bottom of the tab.
  • Now click on the wrench behind "colour". Another tab will appear where you can pick the desired colour. For this task you need a full light blue coloured daisy so there is no need to slide the bar underneath it. Just select "Light Blue" and then "Buy". 
  • Now you wait until there will appear some light blue daisies.
Selective Breed

Tips and tricksEdit

Pick a young daisy as your plant to breed. Otherwise there is a (bigger) chance the daisy will die before it has breed the right colour. The same goes for all the other breedings.