Equilinox is a nature sandbox building game developed by independent game developer ThinMatrix. It was released on November 23rd, 2018. The game gives the player an empty world in which they must create a thriving ecosystem of flora and fauna by creating a balanced environment and satisfying the needs of all species within the world. The game has no clear goal, with the main objective being to unlock all available species in the world and create a dynamic and balanced ecosystem.

Development of Equilinox began in October 2015[1], with the entirety of the game's progress being documented on the ThinMatrix YouTube channel. The game began initially as a small project with an estimated development time of a few months. However, the scope of the game quickly expanded and was developed into a full-scale game. The game was in development for over two years, before finally being released on November 24th, 2018[2].

References Edit

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